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Organic matcha powder from Real Natural is genuinely produced from the finest quality green tea in Japan. It is made from hand-picked, stone-ground, and powdered green tea leaves that contain very high levels of antioxidants. This green tea is made only from top-quality young leaves without stems and veins that are grown, harvested, and prepared with great care, which has the most health benefits than other green teas. Whatever your needs are, this highly-prized, jewel-green powder will meet or exceed your expectations.

  • No Sugar Added
  • Natural Ingredients
  • No GMO
  • Dairy Free
  • No Artifical Colours & Flavours
  • No Artifical Preservatives
  • Organic Certified
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Product of Australia

What are the benefits of Organic Matcha Green Tea?

Positive Effects of Japanese Green Tea

About 1200 years ago in Japan, green tea was highly valued and treasured as precious medicine. With the advent of new harvesting and processing techniques, it soon became Japan's most popular beverage. Today, Japanese green tea's health benefits are widely known not only in Japan, but around the world including Australia.

The following is a list of the beneficial effects of Organic Matcha Green Tea due to the presence of Catechin:

Removing free radicals (activated oxygen)
Reducing cholesterol
Reducing fat
Antibacterial and sterilizing
Moderating allergies
Oral care
Preventing cavities
Theanine (Teanin)
Vitamin C
Ingesting Beneficial Constituents

What is the key ingredient in the Organic Matcha Green Tea?

Organic Matcha is the key! Matcha is rich in catechins, a class of plant compounds in tea that act as natural antioxidants. Catechin, also called Tannin, is a bioflavonoid that has both antiviral and antioxidant qualities. It helps to prevent cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Catechin also has many positive cholesterol-lowering effects. It helps to clear blocked veins and arteries, allowing your blood to flow more smoothly. Some studies show that Catechin may help prevent strokes, heart attacks, blood clots and even heart disease. Amazingly, Catechin also protects the entire body from oxidative damage due to free radicals and other toxins in our environment. Catechin is extracted best in water with a temperature of 75-80C.

Can I drink the Organic Matcha Green Tea everyday?

Yes, it is a plant-based natual product and sutiable for vegans, so it is extremely beneficial to drink Organic Matcha Green Tea on a daily basis.

Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea (100%).

For Organic Matcha Green Tea-

1) Place 1/2 teaspoon (2.5g) of matcha powder in a cup.

2) Blend with 180ml of hot water (80C).

3) Add honey, maple syrup, or natural sweetener if desired.

4) Whisk well until frothy and enjoy its delicious green goodness.

This organic matcha green tea powder tastes great with other healthy recipes such as drinks, smoothies, desserts, baking, or any food! It can be enjoyed hot or cold. Allow it to enliven and vitalise your mind and spirit at the start of the day.

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