Brown Brothers Non Alcoholic Prosecco Zero - 750mL

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Crafted for a new range of Australian palates, Brown Brothers Prosecco Ultra Low with 0.5% alcohol is a lively drink that doesn’t compromise on flavours.

Bursting with the flavour of green apples and a zesty finish on the palate, this sophisticated Prosecco based beverage can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Classic pear and apple Prosecco flavours dominate with a crisp citrus tang on the finish.

  • 0.5% ABV
  • Product of Australia

Designed to be consumed on release when it is at its fresh and lively best

Serve Chilled.

Recommended food pairings: Prosecco Ultra Low is the perfect wine to share with friends that are looking for a fun night that is alcohol free. While delicious on its own, Prosecco Ultra low is perfect with lighter seafood dishes like whiting fillets served with steamed broccolini and a lemon infused oil dressing.

Growing Conditions: The grapes for this wine were grown throughout Victoria including the cool climate King Valley.

Winemaking notes: A number of techniques were used in the vineyard and winery to achieve a full palate taste and spinning cone technology was used to remove the alcohol. The Prosecco Ultra Low was bottled with an alcohol of 0.5%.

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