Out Here Beer Non Alcoholic Frisbee in the Park Pale Ale Beer - Non Alcoholic 375mL

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A delicious non-alcoholic Pale Ale that pairs perfectly with green grass (minus the bindies), solid right handers, or the afterglow of a 100km ride. So go on, get Out Here. 

  • <0.5% ABV
  • Product of Australia

Water, Malted Barley, Wheat, Hops, and Yeast.

Serve chilled.

In terms of total energy (calories) our Quiet XPA contains 63 calories per can and Another Lager contains 71 calories per can. This is roughly half the calories of regular full strength beers. As a comparison a standard soft drink contains 161 calories on average.

Nutritional Information per 100mL: Calories 22/Carbohydrates 5g/Sugar 1.6g

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