The Non Alcoholic Club

NON The Light Set 750mL


NON2 Caramelised Pear & Kombu

  • Bold Body With A Buttery Texture. Minerality From Kombu With Lingering Spice Finish.
  • Food Pairing:  Desserts (V), Cheese Boards (V, VG), Roasted Meats/Mushrooms.
  • Occasion: Change In Season, After Dinner Drinks, Autumn Nights.
  • Contains Caffeine. 

NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu

  • Bright, Tart & Balanced With A Savory Undertone.
  • Food Pairing: Miso Glazed Vegetables (V), Antipasti (V,VG), Fresh Seafood.
  • Occasion: Summer Sunshine, Warm Breeze, Everyday Drinking.

    Non6 Tomato Water & Basil (Limited)

    • Andalusian Vegetables, Umami-Rich Salinity, Crisp Finish. 
    • Food Pairing: Pickled Vegetables (V), Savoury Pastries (V, VG), Chimmichurri & Grilled Meat.
    • Occasion: Weekend Brunch, Sunny Days, Long Lunching.
    • Non Alcoholic, Wine Alternative - Non3 & Non6 Still. Non2 Sparkling.
    • Vegan Certified.
    • Gluten Free.
    • Halal. 
    • Serve: 150ml In A Wine Glass (6°C-10°C).'
    • Product of Australia.

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