A New Wave in Mixology: Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Arrives in Saudi Arabia

The Arrival of Lyre’s in Saudi Arabia

Lyre’s, the renowned non-alcoholic spirit brand, has officially made its debut in Saudi Arabia, marking a significant shift in the region's mixology scene. Known for its sophisticated and flavorful non-alcoholic spirits, Lyre’s is set to revolutionize how beverages are enjoyed in Saudi Arabia.

The Inspiration Behind Lyre’s

Lyre’s was founded in Australia in 2016 by Mark Livings and was fully established by 2019. The brand opened its doors in Riyadh on March 23, 2022. In an interview, Mark shared that his inspiration for creating Lyre’s stemmed from his observations while working in marketing. He noticed a growing trend: as people became more health-conscious, alcohol consumption began to decline. Mark saw an opportunity to develop non-alcoholic spirits that offered the same sophistication and flavors as their alcoholic counterparts.

What began as a curiosity soon became an obsession. Mark traveled the world, exploring flavors and discovering similar non-alcoholic companies, such as one in Germany. Despite the challenges, Lyre’s has now become the most awarded brand of its kind, offering 14 different non-alcoholic flavors that closely mimic their alcoholic counterparts. The brand continues to innovate, constantly developing new flavors to enhance its colorful palette.

Filling a Gap in Saudi Arabia

Mark identified a specific gap in the Saudi Arabian market, particularly with the high demand for virgin mojitos. He noted that existing non-alcoholic options often lack complexity and flavor. Despite the existing talent in mixology, Mark believes there is room for growth and improvement, which could ignite a mixology culture in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East. He envisions a future where enjoying a sophisticated, non-alcoholic drink becomes a common experience, akin to the stylish moments often seen in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies.

A New Chapter in Leisure Culture

By introducing Lyre’s to Saudi Arabia, Mark hopes to invigorate the country’s leisure culture, potentially leading to the establishment of dedicated non-alcoholic bars. “What is being seen in gastronomy in Saudi Arabia is great! Now we can introduce mixology and see even bigger waves!” Mark enthusiastically stated.

The Tasting Experience

Destination KSA had the privilege of attending a special tasting event featuring Lyre’s products, offering a glimpse into the exquisite world of non-alcoholic mixology. The tasting included a variety of Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits crafted into popular drinks:

- Aperol Spritz: Italian Spritz with sparkling non-alcoholic wine.
- Gin Tonic: Non-Alcohol Dry London Spirit with tonic water.
- Caramel Mojito: Dark Cane Spirits with non-alcoholic rum.
- Amaretti Sour: Amaretti (Non-alcoholic ‘Amaretto’ spirit).
- Espresso Martini.

The tasting was an extraordinary experience, showcasing the delightful flavors and innovative possibilities that Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits offer. As Destination KSA, we are excited to witness the growth of mixology culture in Saudi Arabia, spurred by the introduction of Lyre’s.

With Lyre’s paving the way, the future of non-alcoholic mixology in Saudi Arabia looks incredibly promising, offering a sophisticated and flavorful alternative for those seeking mindful drinking options.

Written by: The N.A.C. Team

Credits: Rama Maad