“Helping Your BFF On Their Sober Journey: The Chill Guide”

Yo, amigos! Got a buddy on the sober train? Time to be the ultimate hype squad without all the formalities. Check it:

1. **Hangout Hotspots:** Skip the bars and hit up places where they won't feel like the odd one out. Think cafes or cool spots that don't scream "shots!"

2. **Mocktail Mix Master:** Forget the hard stuff – whip up some killer mocktails. Who says you need booze for a good time?

3. **Munchies Madness:** Late-night cravings? Diner runs or epic snack sessions – fuel for the vibes!

4. **Active AF:** Swap the pub scene for active adventures. Hiking, biking, escape rooms – get the adrenaline pumping!

5. **Casual Check-ins:** Shoot a text or drop a line – just keeping it real with a "How's it going?" goes a long way.

6. **Zero Judgment Zone:** Keep it drama-free. Whether they spill the tea or just wanna chill, be the no-judgment zone they need.

7. **Distract and LOL:** Plan stuff that's distraction central. Laughter is the key to the universe, right?

Remember, supporting your sober sidekick is all about good vibes and epic times! 🚀

Written by The NAC Team.