Are you Ready for Sober October Challenge? Get ready with The NAC Team

1st of October, Sober October challenge starts and also our official birthday month! More reasons to celebrate and do the challenge with us. 

A month-long challenge in October where people around the world completely abstain from alcohol. Sober October is also associated with raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support founded in 2014. People sign up for the no-drinking challenge and ask friends and family to donate and raise funds to help people living with cancer.

Everyone is welcome to try this challenge 18+ years old, and it can prove to be beneficial for anyone who feels they have a problem with alcohol, feels concerned about their relationship with drinking, or simply wants to try sobriety for an extended period of time like a month off drinking. 

Take a 3 minute quiz with Sunnyside Co to help you reduce your alcohol intake this month of October. 

There is only one rule for Sober October, you don't drink alcohol from 1st of October to 31st of October. There are mindful drinking apps that can help you achieve that goal in the month of October. You can try one of these best mindful drinking apps for 2023 from 

With our friends at Lyre's, you can now discover bars & restaurants near you where you can say ciao to an award-winning alcohol-free tipple.

Here is a recipe to start the Sober October and Let the Good Times Roll this October. 

Lyre's Pink London Spritz



Build all ingredients in glass with ice. Stir.


Large Wine Glass

Enjoy and start Sober October right this month of October. 



Photo Credit and Recipe: Lyre's Mixology Team.

Written by The NAC Team.