Feb Fast - Join the Challenge this February

What is Feb Fast you may ask?

Feb Fast is all about supporting young Australians aged 12-25 years old from under privileged background to help walk away from addiction. The challenge is about pausing for a cause this February and giving up alcohol, sugar or another vice of your choice for the month of February like Feb Fit – all money raised in month of February will go towards raising support for the disadvantaged youth  aged 12 to 25 across Australia.

It is the perfect excuse to kick-start the year with a little good health and good will.This challenge is all about supporting the young Australians to walk away from addiction.

You can choose the month of February how you will support the young. Whether you choose to cut out alcohol, sugar or something else, you will help support the Australian youth to walk away from addiction.

The proven benefits for removing alcohol for a month:

  • Save money
  • Enjoy better sleep for a month
  • Feel healthier
  • Feel good and do good
  • Lose weight

Pick Feb Fast, and you can give up a vice of your choice for the whole month, and raise funds for YSAS (Youth Support + Advocacy Support) drug and alcohol programs.

Or if you choose Feb Fit, you can get moving for 25 minutes a day to help young people walk away from addiction. Join the challenge, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Start your February challenge feeling good, You got this!

Written by The N.A.C. Team.