Non Alcoholic Drinks are all about Self-Care

One of the major lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic has taught us is that Self-care is not Self Indulgence - being good to yourself offers a safe haven from whatever the future may hold.

Our health has become our biggest asset, be it mental or physical health.

A new non alcoholic trend has picked up over the past few years with “sober curious” bars popping up in some cities. Apart from ‘no more hangovers’ on the next morning, there are several health benefits to embracing sobriety:

  1. Improved mental health – alcohol can make depression and anxiety worse.
  2. Better immunity – abstaining from alcohol helps your body to naturally fight off infections and diseases.
  3. Improved skin – alcohol causes dehydration
  4. Reduced risk of cancer – alcohol is a known human carcinogen.
  5. Weight loss – alcohol adds extra calories in addition to your normal daily diet.
  6. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease – heavy drinking can increase cholesterol levels.
  7. Improved liver function – Cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver disease is common in very heavy drinking habits.
  8. Better sleep – alcohol disrupts sleep and lowers sleep quality.
  9. Better concentration – alcohol consumption is known to hinder our decision-making ability.

For many people, life is just better without alcohol and for those who still crave boozy beverages, there are plenty of alcohol-free options to choose from.

Written by the N.A.C. Team.