Three Health Benefits of Switching to Alcohol Free Lifestyle

If you are reading this, then you are most probably switching to an alcohol free lifestyle or have already switched. In that case, Big Congratulations...Bravo!

You took the first step and a very big STEP. Now let's discuss reaping the benefits of being alcohol-free.

How exciting!! I feel excited about your journey and the benefits you will feel and see in your life.

Research suggests some great benefits to take advantage of in the short term that you can start to notice from day one just by making that decision to go alcohol-free whether it is a permanent decision or you are simply just taking a break. These are some of the things you can look out for and enjoy to make your lifestyle better.

  1. Well, the first one is a very obvious benefit, NO MORE HANGOVERS. Yes, you heard me, NO MORE feeling crappy the next morning and that leads to no more headaches. You will wake up every morning with a clear mind. Isn't that the most amazing feeling to look forward to?
  2. Better Mental Health and we all know how important that has been since COVID. Yes, thanks COVID you have highlighted some real issues in our society that we just didn't want to address for a long time but we can't avoid them now. Misuse of alcohol = Declined Mental Health but we needed COVID to make us realize that. So just by choosing to go alcohol-free, your mental health will thank you!
  3. Sleeping better! Oh my, I love my sleep so just to know that you will reap the benefits of a good night's sleep makes me so happy. Who wouldn't want that to start looking forward to a good night's sleep, a restful and healthier sleep? Alcohol and Drug Foundation suggests that "sleep is a foundation of good health".

These were the first 3 benefits of being alcohol-free. I will share more tips for experiencing a healthier lifestyle as you continue your mindful drinking lifestyle.

Written by the N.A.C. Team.