Heaps Normal Non Alcoholic Mixed 24 Cans - 375mL

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Are you sick of lugging home four-packs from the shops? Are you thirsting for some variety? Are you tired of smashing a four-pack of XPA and instantly craving a Hazy?

The Heaps Normal Mixed Case is your answer. A delightful combination of our three core range beers - the Quiet XPA, Another Lager and Half Day Hazy.

Perfect for the indecisive drinker who simply can’t pick a favourite style, or the unimaginative gift giver to bestow upon their Heaps Normal-loving friend or family member.

Each Mixed Case includes all of your Heaps Normal favs:
- 2 x 4 Pack Cluster of Quiet XPA (375mL cans)
- 2 x 4 Pack Cluster of Another Lager (375mL cans)
- 2 x 4 Pack Cluster of Half Day Hazy (375mL cans)

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