The Non Alcoholic Club

NON The Dark Set 750mL


NON4 Roast Beetroot & Sansho

Toasted, savory vegetal notes with layered pepper.

  • Food pairing: leafy greens (V), ragu (V, VG), woodfired meats / mushrooms.
  • Occasion: a day indoors, cozy fireplace, crisp nights.
  • Contains caffeine / contains soy.

    NON7 Sour Cherries & Coffee

    Rich dark fruits, spiced nose, undertones of coffee.

    • Food pairing: dark chocolate (V), stuffed mushrooms (V, VG), charcuterie.
    • Occasion: leaves on the ground, crisp evenings, sweater weather.
    • Contains caffeine. 
    • Non Alcoholic, Wine Alternative - Sparkling.
    • Vegan Certified.
    • Gluten Free.
    • Halal. 
    • Serve: 150ml In A Wine Glass (6°C-10°C).
    • Product of Australia

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