NON The Everyday Set 750mL

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NON1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

  • Balanced Sweet & Salty. Chamomile Provides Lingering Tannins For A Floral Finish.
  • Food Pairing: Citrus Forward Salad (V), Creamy Desserts (V,VG), Cured Meats.
  • Occasion: Sundowner, Golden Hour, Spring Sipper.
NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu
  • Bright, Tart & Balanced With A Savory Undertone.
  • Food Pairing: Miso Glazed Vegetables (V), Antipasti (V,VG), Fresh Seafood.
  • Occasion: Summer Sunshine, Warm Breeze, Everyday Drinking.

 NON7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee

  • Rich Dark Fruits, Spiced Nose, Undertones Of Coffee.
  • Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate (V), Stuffed Mushrooms (V, VG), Charcuterie.
  • Occasion: Leaves On The Ground, Crisp Evenings, Sweater Weather.
  • Contains Caffeine.
  • Non Alcoholic Wine Alternative - Non1 & Non7 Sparkling. Non3 Still.
  • Vegan Certified.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Halal. 
  • Serve: 150ml In A Wine Glass (6°C-10°C).

NON1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

NON3 Toasted Cinnamon & Yuzu

NON7 Stewed Cherry & Coffee

Water, Cherries, Verjus, Coffee, Cascara, Pink Peppercorns, Garam Masala, Allspice, Salt, Nutmeg, Preservatives 211, 220, 224.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 2-3 days.

Natural sediment may occur, agitate gently before serving. The use of natural ingredients may result in slight variances to colour and profile.

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