Day 23 of Sober October

Well Sober October was originally an idea created by Life Education as a fundraiser called ‘October’ which gained popularity in the UK and the MacMillian Cancer Support recreated the idea of raising awareness to cut back alcohol campaign hence the name ‘Sober October’ in support of cancer research fundraising campaign.

You are 7 days away from completing your challenge! Cutting back and rethinking mindful drinking habits are good ways to take control of your drinking this October or any month of the year. 

There are apps that can help you learn how to reframe your drinking. If you are trying to cut back, check out The Reframe App

They offer a free trial as well, an app created by experts to help with alcohol reduction, nutrition, and wellness.

Lots of people cut back on drinking for a number of reasons. We all know that alcohol can make you think you are cool and fun to be around but when you lose control of your drinking, it can be your worst nightmare that steals your memories, friendships, and family connections. It is the number one cause of social destruction and more so than ever highlighted by COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of Aussies during the lockdown period re-thought their relationship with alcohol and re-evaluated how much was too much and what gains were they getting from constantly recovering from hangovers. Was it worth the pain, soul destruction, and ruined relationships?

That led to the re-thinking of their drinking habits and re-gaining clarity and balance in their lives, especially for young parents who crave opportunities to socialize and miss that connection with other adults in an adult social situation. 

Young parents understand the energy required to be their best and present in their children’s lives. Lots of them grew up with examples of their parents, aunties, uncles, and grandparents having issues with alcohol and binge drinking and addiction. It is never a rosy road! Lots of trauma and abuse have been suffered in the hands of alcohol abuse that this generation is recalling and making a conscious decision to be more present in parenting and choosing not to drink.

We have lots of Australian producers who are crafting their craft as they see a need for adult drinks that won’t make them miss out on family relationships and memories. The non alcoholic range is expanding and less than 0.5% ABV range is a great way to cut back on your intake or simply substitute if you are already a sober curious drinker, an athlete, a young parent, a nursing mum, a lifelong non-drinker or anyone who is putting their health first and simply cutting back. 

It’s a great choice for all and you can’t get drunk on less 0.5% ABV no matter how many drinks you have. That’s why we say, 'drinking without limit'.

Hopefully you have plenty of non alcoholic options to see you through the next 7 days of Sober October challenge.

Well done for sticking with the challenge!

Written by The N.A.C. Team.