Dry July Challenge

Dry July fundraiser is raising funds for people affected by cancer. This year Dry July fundraising already raised $2,544,994 before officially starting the Dry July challenge. 

How to participate in Dry July?

  1. Sign up to Dry July challenge?
  2. Get your friends, family and colleagues to donate to you.
  3. Go Dry for the month of July
  4. Your donations help people affected by cancer.

Dry July is an incredible fundraising course that helps local and national cancer support organisations across Australia to deliver practical and tangible support for people affected by cancer. 

All the money raised from Dry July is used to benefit cancer patients, their families and carers to make the difficult time a little easier for all. 

The money raised is used for information and support services, specialist cancer nurses, implement wellness programs, cancer centre improvements and accomodation and transport and comfort and support items. 

Go Dry this July and support a worthy cause! 

Written by The N.A.C. Team