Why Non Alcoholic Vodka is So Hard to Make?

Many people have asked me about non-alcoholic Vodka. There are many reasons why Vodka is the hardest spirit to replicate in its non-alcoholic form. 

I am sure when we have a non-alcoholic Vodka available on the market, it will be something to celebrate for. We are all looking for that exceptional Australian-made non-alcoholic Vodka. I, myself am waiting along with many of my customers for that day. A lot of distilleries across Australia are busily trying methods to recreate a non-alcoholic Vodka experience but it's just not there yet. 

Vodka as a spirit has a naturally subtle, grainy taste and it has no real flavours in it that are hard to replicate. The real taste comes through when it's combined with the right quality ingredients. 

Lyre's spokesperson, Marc Romanian says that "a non-alcoholic Vodka substitute was one of the first products we actually formulated".

"Vodka, in general, is a neutral spirit without distinctive character, flavour or aroma (as opposed to other white spirits such as Gin which are punchy with botanicals). When we formulate our products, we often work end serve backwards i.e. if it won’t stick up to its most popular cocktail or serve suggestion we won’t release it." 

Marc says that "if you look at the best value Vodka Australia drinks, the most popular is a vodka lime and soda, or cocktails where it is used to add alcohol but not necessarily a large depth of additional flavours".

"We decided not to release something in this category as we didn’t want to market a product that didn’t add much in the way of defining flavours i.e. a non-alcoholic vodka lime and soda that just tasted like soda water with fresh lime," said Marc.

So for the time being the best Vodka non-alcoholic substitute Lyre's have in their range is White Cane Spirit and Dry London. Lyre's have recreated a number of popular Vodka mocktails using Lyre’s White Cane Spirit or Lyre's Dry London and not forgetting the most popular Cosmopolitan. 

Hopefully, the wait won't be that long when we can have a non-alcoholic Australian-made Vodka on the markets soon. 


Written by The N.A.C. Team.