How's Sober October Going? Try these 8 helpful steps to achieve your Sober October goals

Sober October challenge just like the Dry July and Dry January campaigns is set up to encourage reductions in alcohol consumption for a month. Studies show that no amount of alcohol is good for a healthy heart according to World Heart Federation.

According to a 2022 study moderate drinking on the weekends can lead to emotional, social, and psychological impacts on your life. Sober October is challenging you to monitor your drinking habits and aim for more mindful drinking.

NHS UK compiled 8 steps to help you cut back your alcohol intake and make Sober October a successful one for you.

Step 1. Make a plan

Decide how much you will drink. If it’s one less drink that’s great, set a limit on how much you will drink from the preset.

Step 2. Set a budget

Decide how much you will spend. Take only that much money to spend on alcohol.

Step 3. Let your family and friends know

Tell them you are going Sober for October or trying to cut back in October. You will find people will support your decision.

Step 4. Take one day at a time

It’s a month challenge and cutting back a little at a time will give you the feeling of success.

Step 5. Make your drinks a small one

Try smaller size drinks, small glass of wine, a can of beer instead of a pint.

Step 6. Swap to non alcoholic drinks

Cutting down your alcohol intake, swap for lower ABV or less than 0.5% ABV.

Step 7. Keep hydrated

Drink a glass of water before you have a glass of alcoholic drink or swap with alternative non alcoholic drinks.

Step 8. It’s okay to take a break

Allow yourself free days each week during this October.

Keep up with the Sober October challenge. If you have more helpful tips, you can email me at 


Written by The N.A.C. Team.