Sober October - How to Prepare For a Month of Sober

Sober October is upon us once again and what changes are you making to kick it off the right way.

October is the month when people are encouraged to give up drinking, doing drugs and smoking for 31 days. It is a trend gaining popularity over the last 2 years since Covid-19 pandemic.

Ocsober is an Australian fundraising initiative behind ‘Go Sober this October’ raising funds for Life Education Australia with mascot Healthy Harold encouraging Australians to give up alcohol for 31 days.

It’s a good time to take a break, cleanse yourself from alcohol related toxins before the festive season starts, is one of the main reasons why many people participate in Sober October.

The culture of drinking is shifting among millennials and Gen Zens as they drive the initiatives like Sober October, Dry July and Dry January.

Taking a break from alcohol is not a new concept but it gained more  popularity after release of Ruby Warrington’s book in 2018, ‘Sober Curious’.

Sober October allows sober curious people to see what life without alcohol looks and feels like. Some after completing the challenge revolutionize their lives by choosing to become lifelong non alcoholics.

Whatever your reasons or motives are, it’s definitely a worthwhile initiative to give it a go this October and say goodbye to bad mood swings, hangovers, constant bloating and feeling exhausted and regain zest and clarity for a month.

Give Sober October a go this month!

Written by The N.A.C. Team