Introducing Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic to the Non Alcoholic Club

We are so excited to stock Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic and Banks Botanicals in our store. Keep a look out, it will be available soon!

I got to try some this weekend and I loved it! 

Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic was refreshing, sophisticated, bold, and elegant to have in a highball glass garnished with pomegranate seeds. 

It was absolutely delicious and only 9 calories. Definitely not feeling guilty about enjoying this truly beautiful, elegant cocktail premixed drink made right here in Yarra Valley, Victoria using the botanicals from our Australian bush. 

Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic captures the essence of each ingredient in its purest form to create a low-sugar, completely vegan cocktail. Taste the mountain-fresh Yarra Valley water used to distill the distinctive cinnamon notes of cassia, together with the fresh high notes of lemon myrtle and lime, the nutty roasted flavour of wattleseed and the spice of wild Tasmanian pepperberry.

With the global trend of reduced alcohol consumption for better health and well-being, Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic is your next go to drink. 

Highly recommend this drink for your next event. Get your Banks Herbarium & Pink Grapefruit Tonic in our online store. 

Written by The N.A.C. Team.